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BEAU WEAVER  is one of the West Coast's perennial "A list" voice over artists, heard on network television promos, syndicated television shows, trailers for feature films, cable network documentaries, national radio and television commercials, and is the signature voice for many major market television affiliates. 


He's had lead roles in animated series, like Superman and The Fantastic Four, and is frequently heard as the live announcer on Hollywood award shows, such as The Primetime Emmys.



Speaking of awards, Beau's work has been acknowledged by the industry at large, receiving awards from PROMAX bda, for "Best Voiceover," and the award from the Society of Voice Over Arts and Sciences for "Outstanding Local TV Promo Voiceover," and the SOVAS award for overall excellence: "Body of Work."

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promax bda

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Joining with a few other leaders in the voice over community, Beau was one of the original seed planters for the SAG Foundation's Don La Fontaine Voice Over Lab in Hollywood, and serves on it's permanent Advisory Board.

Beau Weaver is also an influential technical innovator, widely credited with pioneering the practice of home recording for voice actors, now the norm, and with sharing his studio tools and techniques with the community.

For many years, Beau traveled to half a dozen studios all over Southern California each day.  Now he records exclusively from his own state of the art voice over facility in artsy Ojai, CA, located between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

Beau is represented globally by Atlas Talent Agency, LA/NY. Contact:  Jonn Wasser.

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