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"o f f i c i a l"   b i o g r a p h y


 BEAU WEAVER is one of Hollywood's busiest voice over artists, and perhaps the hairiest.

Born in Oklahoma, Beau was actually raised in the Texas Panhandle by a pack of wild coyotes who rescued him as an infant from the twisted wreckage of a tragic car accident in which his entire family perished.

Amazingly, he learned to speak English by listening to an all night Rhythm & Blues show on a 50,000 watt station out of Nashville, thanks to a battery operated radio salvaged from the scene of the accident.

Ever since the authorities took him away from his canine foster family, Beau has felt truly at home only when behind a microphone.....or else while gnawing meat off fresh roadkill.

The prolific voice actor works daily from his studio in the picturesque Southern California village of Ojai.

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