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                                              In appreciation for my many friends and clients at Christmastime, for many years we have been forgoing

the fabulous muffin baskets (as lovely as they may be) favor of something we hope you might appreciate even more.


Again this year we have anonymously adopted a struggling family, and will be have a surprise celebration delivered to them, just before Christmas. Here's the story.


Virginia is a single mother  in East Los Angeles, who had to flee with her three kids Arturo, Juan and Citlally, to escape from a serious domestic abuse situation. They were in a shelter for a time, but she is now trying to care for her family alone.  They left their home with nothing but their lives, and had no place to sleep but the floor.  They needed pretty much everything.  So, that's where we come in. With what might have gone for a little holiday rememberence for you all, we are getting a full-on Christmas for these dear ones.


They will be getting inflatable beds, which can be taken with them to wherever they land next, and bedding and warm comforters and cuddly blankets. They are getting a whole kitchen start-over set, with all the essentials, and gift cards for food, and shopping for clothes for all of them.  They will unwrap backpacks and school supplies, and books and games, and even some dearly wished for Barbie things for Citlally, and Lego sets for the boys.  Big Thanks to Elizabeth for so lovingly tendeding to the needs of each of these bruised souls, and to Susannah for helping with the wrapping.  And, again we think of Betty Blake, retired director of the Salavation Army Adopt-A-Family program for her vision and leadership through the years.


Dear friends, we have so much.  It is was a full heart that we say thank you for making it possible once again to share the blessings!


Whatever holiday traditions you keep, may you enjoy the warmth of family and friends, and the grace to find inside, a renewed hope for peace on earth, goodwill towards all, this season.


Beau Weaver        Elizabeth Jurgensen        Susannah Weaver


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